Ecommerce analytics solutions – ahead Metrics

aheadMetrics gives you the all-round analytics of your e-commerce store.
All the sales, customer and product data measured in any dimensions in real-time.

What aheadMetrics can tell you?

  • Product performance: see reports built by SKU (or SKU mask) with time period comparison

  • Know your revenue makers: identify best/worst sellers by items or total

  • Get complete picture of your orders: display full orders information on a single page

  • Understand how you are doing over time: observe last week/month dynamics and compare it to a previous period

  • Know your customers: their country, age, gender, number of items in the cart, new or returning

  • Track how effective your marketing is, with the help of coupons usage report

  • Plan your activity and see which time of the day or which day of the week is the busiest

  • And much more!

aheadMetrics can be connected to:


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Why aheadMetrics?

  • You can't make business decisions without proper analytics and your ecommerce platform doesn't provide you with sensible analytics tools.

  • You already possess valuable data - just load it into aheadMetrics to spot what's right and what's wrong at your business.

  • Understand your perormance quickly at the dashboard or thoroughly at the reports section.

  • Full history and real-time data flow.

Our Customers Speak

The interface is great and so easy to use. The service shows more clearly Magento stats, what is perfect!

Elena M Belda, Factory Media Web

Great reporting, that you used to have to pay for. I would suggest it for my clients

Gabor Imre, eCommerce Designer

I truly love it! I have been using it for a month or so and I totally recommend it!

Sara Simeone,

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