aheadMetrics gives you all kind of sales, customer and product data generated in real time.

With multiple report types available, you can generate the detailed statistics for the predefined date range to get the complete picture of your business.

The interface is great and so easy to use. The service shows more clearly Magento stats, what is perfect!

— Elena M Belda, Factory Media Web

Sales Reports

Sales overview
The Sales report gives you general information on how your sales are going at a glance.
Sales statistics
Generate the Sales statistics report to see the average order amount and item final price data. To make the information more obvious, the data is displayed on the chart. Moreover, the other sales data e.g. number of orders, items, subtotal, tax, discounts, etc. is reflected in this report type as well.
The Bestsellers report displays the best-selling products in your store purchased in a certain period of time. SKU, name, quantity of items sold, total parameters are included in the table.
Sales by hour
With Sales by hour report you can find out the time of the day when purchases are made more frequently in your online store. Basing on this information you can correct your marketing efforts to push up sales.
Sales by day of week
Sales information for any week day is the best you can have while planning your business strategy. Generate the Sales by day of week report to find out the worst days for sales and take measures to improve your customers’ activity at this period.
Sales by product
This report type is a great tool for checking sales of any product for any period of time! Need to compare the sales of several products? It’s a breeze for this report as well!
Sales by country
If you’re operating on a global level, the Sales by Country report can be especially helpful for you. It allows you to view the items purchased during any period of time; the amount and total price of the products purchased; and an easy-to-read world map showing where purchases were made.
Sales report
With Sales report it’s simple to display the purchase date and time of products sold during a specified period. Filtering option allows you to sort the data according to any value you like: SKU, product name, manufacturer, etc.
Sales by coupon code
To conduct effective promotions, online merchants should analyze the previous ones. With this report, you can get the complete information about orders made with coupons usage: number of orders and items, subtotal, total, refunded sum, etc.
Sales by ZIP code
With this report you can require the information on sales in different regions of a city, state or country. The Sales by ZIP Code report displays sales data grouped by ZIP code.
Sales by customer group
Dividing customers into groups is a very powerful marketing tool. But without the analysis it becomes senseless. This report type gives you the opportunity to see sales by all your groups of customers within a defined period of time.
Sales by product attributes
This report type allows you to filter products by their attributes and find out which items are mostly appreciated in your store.
Sales by customer attributes
Use the Sales by customer attributes report to analyze sales history and purchasing preferences of specific customers united into groups according to their attributes.

Customers Reports

New vs. returning customers
The New vs. returning customers report allows you to make a comparative analysis of new customers who made the 1st order during the selected period with returning customers who made the 2nd and more orders within the same time.
Products by customer
This report allows you to learn how many products have been bought at a time by the majority/minority of your customers.
User wishlists
With the Users wishlists report, you can observe which products have been added to customers’ wishlists. Moreover, you can find out when the product has been added and how many days this item is in the wishlist. The customer’s information is displayed here as well.
This kind of report shows the daily number of reviews left by your customers.

Orders Report

Orders by status
See all orders with any status including custom ones.

Upcoming Features

Reports Builder
Choose your reporting parameters and include the necessary fields into your custom report.
Multiple Users
To begin with, there is one user account per domain. Multi-user accounts will be added soon.
New Platforms
aheadMetrics will be available for Zen Cart, PrestaShop, Virtuemart and others.
Export and Email Reports
This feature lets you export any of your report or send it via email in different formats.
Print out the required report
For a great amount of people, holding real report in hands is more convenient than staring at it on the monitor. That’s why the ability to print out any kind of report will be added soon.